Hospital bed for sale, in excellent condition, electric and has bar underneath in case electricity goes out. $300 obo. 647-1241

Antique lumber for sale, long leaf pine, longer pieces. Interior wall boarding, 1×3 ¼. 334-9006

*L/F Schlitterbahn tickets if you’re not using them! 82 chevy van, still stickered and tagged, runs and drives, will sale motor and tranny or all together. 2 waverunners on the trailer. 629-8259

Coastal hay for sale, heavily fertilized. Alfalfa hay in small square bales. 442-3255

Flip phone by tracphone with charger $15. 488-8007

1991 Chevy pickup doors, $50. 488-1884

Big oak tree, come cut it and it’s yours, going out on hwy 6 towards cisco. 433-1730

L/F riding lawnmower. 488-1467

7 year old buckskin mare, does ride, great handle to her, been turned out so will need to be broke back in a bit. 17 inch tires-mudders, big horn axis, $40. 433-3164

**Super Inside Sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8a-6p, 3 miles east of eastland on north I 20 service road. Don’t be late but no early birds