L/F junk iron to haul off. Call or text 325-794-6245

1 bedroom, 1 bath house for rent in Eastland, fully furnished. 631-4288

L/F scrap metal to haul off and yards to mow. 433-0157

*2017 20 inch Camaro SS wheels. 5 foot shredder. 3 point hay spike. Bed cover-pop up for long bed Dodge 05-07 model. L/F privacy wooden fence panels. L/F 5 foot chainlink fence. 629-8259

Charro saddle. 832-857-9119

Clean 5 gallon buckets with lids, $3/each. 214-499-7906

Dog missing by Red Star, ridgeback, reddish brown, female, Ruby, larger dog, very scared from the storms, went missing Tuesday evening. 629-1518

Oak 16 gun, gun cabinet, $650. 214-499-7906

L/F lift chair. 595-0591 or 631-8657

Wedding dress size 16-18, $100 or best offer. 631-7380

**1610 N. 183 in Breck, Saturday, tools, tool boxes, odd ends, collectibles, 21 hens, rooster, mixed chickens. 559-8011