Fresh eggs. 488-0673

45 pounds of 78 records, interested in selling them in bulk. 631-5818

*Spa shells, no cabinets around them but the spa shell itself, for giveaway, lots of them have cracks in them, but cracks can be patched-multiple uses. Head out to Morgan’s Buildings to pick yours up.

F250 headlights, bolt on receiver hitch that fits a medium size truck. L/F t posts and goat panels. Homemade benches for sale and wooden crosses. 433-9636

99 Ford Van, new tires, new battery, v8 triton engine, universal, 4 captain chairs with 3rd row seat, $1500. 309 Magnolia Street in Eastland. 334-0186

Kawasaki ninja 06, 4800 miles, asking $2300. 433-3945

L/F small to medium size fridge, reasonably priced. 631-8805

Shelled pecans. 361-806-3767

Nikon prostaff scope, $100. 433-3203

House for sale and 6 acres, 2 bed 1 bath, couple of miles from Eastland, total electric, 3 car carport, shop, coastal, water well. 631-6087

L/F someone to do some light housekeeping. L/F someone to play games, dominoes and cards and such. 306 W. 11th in Cisco.

3 or 4 bird baths, $35 a piece, two have swans on them. 89 Chevy Suburban.  325-455-4008