Mixer P.A., Amp P.A. for sale. 325-725-0175

6 puppies that need a good home, any shelters that will take them, about 2 months old, lab and catahoula mix, beautiful puppies and healthy. 334-2772

3 ton cherry picker, new hydraulic cylinder on wheels with hitch, $200. 488-1177

L/F scrap metal to haul off. L/F house to rent in Eastland. Call or text 631-9453

C Pap supplies, everything with it. Diabetic test strips, tru test. L/F single axle boat trailer. 488-1467

Found a 2 year old beagle, house trained. 9806 Hwy 3 in between eastland and cisco, yellow school bus outside. 334-0186Wondered up in between cisco and moran.

*Headlight for sale, fits a 2010 Nissan truck. Asking $75. Call or text 488-2592

16 foot welded wire panels, 7 of them. 20 used t posts, all used but in good shape, $120 for everything. 433-7034

Diabetic test strips, one touch ultra brand, 4 or 5 boxes of those. Quite a few cases of adult pull ups, XL, very absorbent, $25/case. 817-694-2576

L/F wire rabbit cages. 631-1594 Flip phone by tracphone with the charger $10. Pair of crutches 20. 488-8007

(2) 2008 impalas. 433-1937

Big onan generator, came out of a big motorhome, asking $500. Contact Tim 433-0931

2 New hampshire roosters, $10 each. 2 Easter egg roosters, $13 each. Fresh brown and green eggs, $3/dozen. 2002 Hyundai silver Santa Fe, wrecked on driver’s side doors, great tires, good a/c, good engine, 169K miles, $1000. 488-1941

930 case farm tractor, butane, tank goes with it 150 gallon, $3K. Farm/stock trailer, 14 foot, half top, $600. 100 bales of coastal hay, $30/bale. 433-1645