L/F toolbox, that mounts on side of the pickup, longer and narrow, a couple of them. 433-0261

L/F male schnauser for breeding purposes, preferably white in color, in Ranger. 647-1283

Kenmore, heavy duty washing machine, $75. 488-0204

L/F female or male inside cat, for free, preferably siamese or calico, anything that’s a good mouser. L/F deer born heater, propane ready. L/F electric cook stove. 442-1025

Brand new boots, worn once, Tony Llama, high top, cost over $200, size 8.5 EE, best offer. 647-0508

50 acres just outside of Eastland, $2500 per acre. 488-1649

*4 inch pipe running boards for a single cab pickup truck, bolts and everything that goes with them, $50, in good shape. 214-499-7906

11 week old female puppy, brown, really pretty, part mastiff, and maybe some lab in her, she needs a home very SOON! She is in danger. 2000 green SUV, $1600, in good shape. 334-0510

Will rake leaves and firewood for sale. 631-1785

*18 foot scamper bumper pool camper, sleeps up to 6 people, older but in good shape. 631-8805

Test Strips, tru test glucose meter, 500, brand new, C-PAP testing supplies, mask, hoses and filters, brand new. 488-1467

Pair of crutches, $20. 488-8007

Chickens for sale, 4 months old. Little house for sale in Olden, needs to be moved. 210-1408

Chihuahua puppies for giveaway. 631-9792

*12 foot utility trailer, 2 axle, good strong trailer. Small water well pressure tank. 653-2405

Chickens for sale, over 70, $10/piece. 734-5104

**Huge sale all week at Wagoner Storage in Breckenridge, 1207 North parks, 9am til sundown everyday if needed, everything must go, new items added daily. Sale runs til thursday of this week and monday thru wednesday of next week. 433-3823