L/F cowboy with a horse to load a mean cow. 442-2732

2012 Mustang coyote, $30,000 obo, not even 20,000 miles on it, like brand new, tinted windows, really fast car. 631-1838. Located at 108 Ammerman in Eastland.

Deer born heater. Wheelbarrow, big and deep kind. 631-1757

L/F bumper for 2010 dodge ram. 881-1880

Chevy Cheyenne truck frame. Headlights for 08 f250 and f350. Bolt on receiver hitch that fits a medium size truck. located at Mckinney Auto. 433-9636

Heater, like new. 433-1838

1500 gallon water tank, $450. 631-9710

C Pap testing supplies for sale, new box, never been used. 488-1467

12 foot crouse plow, heavy duty, needs a couple of discs replaced. 5 foot 3 point shredder. 433-3102

L/F work, any kind of odd jobs, will haul wood off. 50 gallon fish aquarium, with everything you need. $100. 433-2967 or 653-2973

50 gallon fish aquarium. $30. 488-8007

Oak and mesquite firewood for sale. 631-1785

Window screens for sale, aluminum and wooden available. Dresser chest, 9 drawers, very heavy duty, mirror must be hung on the wall, medium color wood, $70. 442-1269

Chickens for sale, 2.5 months old all feathered out. 210-1408

**Olden Emmanuel Baptist Church in Olden garage sale, Saturday 8am, no matter what the weather is.