L/F 2 bedroom house to rent in Eastland. L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

*2 four drawer filing cabinets, $10/each obo. Steel frame barn doors, double doors, steel frame around 3 sides and steel frame around each door and covered with tin 8×8. Roll of heavy duty 6 foot chain link fence. Top rail. Different size chain link gates. Small and medium size landscaping rock. Green 4×4 square posts. Pipe frame with tin on 3 sides, intended to keep firewood dry but could be used for anything. Pre made roof, tin already screwed to 2×4’s, 8×8 big. 433-3661

*19 inch tires off Honda SUV, whole set. 265 75 16 inch tires, very cheap. 16 inch car tires, about 10-15 of those. 85 one ton dump truck, 454 speed. L/F old school anvils, bells, anything that’s old, pay cash. L/F wooden ax handles and old metal advertising signs. Call or text. 629-8259