*1985 one ton chevy dually dump bed with 454 four speed. 19 inch tires off Honda suv, half threaded. 17 inch tires off 2010 dodge 8 lug, whole set. Fresno. Will sell or trade. 629-8259

Game hens for sale, $12/each, are laying. 433-9636

*Needing household help. Call or text. 631-0472

L/F 2 bedroom house to rent. 325-794-6245

*Pipe frame, tin roof and tin on one side, meant to keep firewood dry, could be used for whatever. Double barn doors, steel frame around outside and each door has steel frame around it, covered with tin, 8×8 all together.Some brick. Some lumber-quite a few 2×4’s and some green 4×4 posts and other various sizes. Chain link supplies. Small to medium rock for landscaping. Small smoker, cast iron wheels on one end, does need top hinge welded. Just make a decent offer. 433-3661

*8 turkeys, will be laying this spring, 4 males and 4 females, $25 each. Ducks, $30 for all of them. L/F female guineas, color doesn’t matter. Wire hanging rabbit cages. 334-8473

12 foot by 7 inch vinyl siding, all new, 300 pieces, $750 for all. Brand new water pump, 2 inch, brand new, $125. Lots of motel chest of drawers and tables, $20/each. Adjustable office chairs, $25/each. Gas generator. Air compressors. Kenmore cookstove, $100. 433-7034

*Wall mount propane heater, cozy world. Folding shelf, $5. Shelf, $5. Old wooden desk, $5. Old wooden dresser for giveaway. Corner shelf, larger, early American style. Old antique dresser with round mirror, $40. 3 pairs SAS women’s shoes, size 9, black in color, different styles available, brand new. AVON watches and other various jewelry. 631-8805

*Pyrenees puppies. 488-2388