L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

L/F 10 inch table saw. 214-499-7906

L/F scissor lift. 817-925-4656

LED lights, 1200 lumus, 4 foot long, $25/piece. 17000 lumus 5 foot long LED lights, available next week, $50/each. 631-9766

*L/F male rabbit, a buck, 3 years or younger, Californian or New Zealand. Call Henry 631-8284

10×16 metal building, storage building, wired for electricity, $1,000. 8×16 storage building, T1 siding but metal roof, $100. Buyer would be responsible for moving. Located in Eastland. 488-0299

*Square bales of coastal hay. 500 gallon propane tank. 10×12 flatbed trailer. 653-2405

L/F laying hens. 592-9540

*L/F deer lease big enough for 3 people to hunt. 432-978-3045