*L/F a pumping job. 631-8766

*Picture frames for sale, pretty large. Lawnmower parts for briggs and straton, new blades. Garage door with rails and everything, $60. Roof trusses for sale. 433-1937

 Front end loader bucket for sale, 6 foot wide, $300 obo. 629-8259

L/F used dryer or someone that can work on dryers. 433-2299

Yellow/black lab puppies for sale, for cheap. 433-2813

 Travel trailer for sale, pretty nice, needs a little maintenance, liveable. $1700. 361-806-3767

L/F one or two bedroom trailer to move to land. 210-1797

*25 bales of square coastal horse hay. L/F mini donkey or mini horse. 653-2405

*1946 model ford tractor, nine 9, 3 speed transmission, in good shape. $1200. 488-1884

L/F car battery 850 cold cranking amps, 750-little Toyota 4 cylinder pickup. 442-1269