L/F walk behind garden tractor. 631-9728

4 kittens for giveaway. Lumber, 2×6’s 2×4’s 1×2’s and 2×2’s. 334-2311

L/F living room furniture, sofas, kitchen table, dresser and a bed. 595-1531

*D.R. Trimmer, $175. 2 tillers, one a little smaller but both rear tine, $150 and $175. Honda push mower, self-propelled with the bag, $180. 734-5039

*John Deere round hay baler with wrap. Vermeer 8 wheel hay rake. 5 foot shredder. Located across from Thornton’s Feedmill in Cisco. 817-925-4656

15 month old rhode island red chicks, $3/piece, don’t even need the light on them anymore. 334-8473

L/F scrap metal to haul off, L/F yards to mow. Bissel carpet cleaner for sale. Door from 2001 PT Cruiser. 433-0157

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

L/F good home for indoor male kitten, litter box trained, very healthy. 433-0358

Charro saddle. 964-8191

Couple of antique marble top tables. Brass containers with blue and white ceramic handles. Misc. scuba gear. 631-5999