L/F recliner lift chair, reasonably priced. 488-1467

*lake house on lake leon. built in 2009. very clean, beautiful country. 647-5399

Mesquite and oak firewood. 433-2291

L/F decent, used, clean minivan. 334-0282

Recliner couch, reclines on both ends, in good shape, needs to be cleaned a little, blue cloth. 2 inch water pump, does run. Older coffee table. 442-3255, leave a message if no answer.

3 quart bags of nice, shelled pecans, $10/bag. 433-1733

35 VCR tapes. Washer, $5, come haul it off. 488-8007

L/F freezerless fridge. 442-1025

White comforter, queen or king size. 433-1075

Epiphone acoustic guitar. Epiphone mandolin. Both pretty nice. $100 each. 631-6472

1993 F250, extended cab, 351 windsor in it, 5 speed. $900.  XL and 2XL diapers, $3/bag. 488-1467