*l/f seamstress who can do a lot of alterations, some difficult, call patty 647-0426 after 2pm or 631-4663

2 man game finder tree stand, 4 pullets about 2 and a half month old, 48 incubator, foosball table for sale. 210-1408

Couple of extra large Halloween costumes, one is Caesar and one is a doctor. 433-1838

Guineas for sale, 2 age groups, baby chick some 5 weeks old some 4 days old 433-1733

l/f sectional sofa, preferably earth tone and in good condition 325-725-0175

*l/f liftchair 629-2453

Electric dryer for sale, Kenmore, year and a half old, like new still under warranty. $150. 631-0725

16 inch chevy 8 hole rim for sale $30. 488-2590

*2010 Ford pickup, low mileage, excellent shape 647-5399

*Ceramic giraffe, 2 cameras, baby swing with music. 629-2232

Big electric wench for sale $250-great deal! Fender acoustic guitar $150, Mandelin $100 631-6472

Loveseat for sale 488-2044