L/F housekeeper, half a day, once a week. 629-2334

L/F someone that sprays trees for ants and fungus, 3 mulberry’s need to be sprayed. 631-1324

Texas grown alfalfa hay, texas grown coastal, texas grown sudan. Square in alfalfa and coastal and can get it in the sudan. 442-3255

82 piece socket set, $25. Portable air tank. Light for drying paint. Pipe wrenches, welding rods. 709 S Seaman or call 488-9062

Kirby vacuum cleaners for sale, one almost like new, others in very good condition. Portable sewing machines in very good condition. Tredle sewing machine over 100 years old. Craftsman radial arm saw. 647-5296

Quail birds for sale. Quail are flying for hunting, or for restocking, they are laying eggs or for eating. Asking $4/bird. 488-1669

Pair of crutches, $20. Flip phone by tracphone with the charger, $15. 488-8007