L/F washer, doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it runs good. 442-1130

Generator, 1500 watt, sportsman, $175. 442-2084

26 cubic foot refrigerator black in color, side by side, only 2 years old. 631-5999

Flip phone by tracphone with charger, $15. 488-8007

2 waverunners for sale or trade. L/F transmission for 96 or 97 chevy pickup automatic. 629-8259

L/F small standby generator. 653-2405

Electric 220 welder for sale, $250 or less. 12000 pound electric wench, $100. 647-5152

L/F sectional couch in good shape. L/F bookshelf, wooden in good condition. 442-2164

Chickens of various ages for sale. Big parrot cage. L/F pint jars. 210-1408

L/F used golf cart batteries for a project, don’t need to hold a charge. 477-4477

*L/F school lockers. L/F antenna to put on a building. 647-3512 or 433-9929