L/F someone to clean out your wood burning stove, need a new flute and need the chimney pipe cleaned out. 433-6171

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

Plastic 55 gallon drum, $10. Weedeater, lightly used, pretty new, $35. L/F pretty good size water tank for a horse, 50-100 gallon or so. 653-2405

Speedway air compressor, 20 gallon. L/F 4×4 posts, 12 foot long, and some solid blocks. 631-8334

Bailing peanuts, get your peanut hay order in. 734-5273

Dearborn heater grates for sale. 210-1408

L/F scrap metal to haul off, l/f junk cars and trucks. 1978 Chevy C20 pickup, standard, runs and drives. 433-0157

L/F egg cartons, cheap or free. 334-8473

L/F for anyone that might pick up yard sale leftovers for free. 647-5279

Pair of Harley Davidson riding boots, brand new, size 8 wide, $40. 719-352-6008

**Yard sale, Thursday only, come look after 6 pm on Wednesday, breck hwy in Ranger, look for signs, at a log cabin house, tons and tons of stuff. 647-5279