L/F home help, laundry, errands and light cleaning, leave a message. 334-0472

Charro saddle. 832-857-9119

L/F good, used clothes washer. 433-9683

Ferret, $250, he has been neutered and descended, about 4 months old. 433-9636

Twim size Craftmatic bed, like a hospital bed, $80. 433-1708

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

High cube storage container, 9foot by 40 foot long, $3K for one and might make a deal for both. 631-8899

Assortment of silk flower arrangements, FREE. 433-1708

L/f window a/c 220 unit, 12-15,000 btu. 433-9553, leave a message if no answer.

Laptop, about 3 months old. Coca cola antique glasses, dark green, set of 8. 735-7031

**402 West Sadosa, Saturday, beginning at 8am.