***Fertilized eggs for sale 3 dollars a dozen 254-647-0508 

***Small compress, chime clock for sale and a chain saw for sale  254-433-6604 

Dog kennel for sale and a flatbed gooseneck for sale 254-631-7930 

***Looking for turkeys, ducks, anything with feathers 573-712-0025 

Looking for some remodeling work to do for people 254-264-9066 

***Glass window for sale new vinyl obscure glass window measures 72”X72” 100 dollars & a 48 by 36 brown aluminum window for sale  254-631-1561 

Large air commerce on a trailer for sale,  0 turn mower for sale 254-243-0831 

Looking for scrap metal, junk cars and trucks. He’s still looking for 55 gallon plastic drums with no tops and he has a 15.5 Briggs riding mower engine.. he’s also looking to rehome a 2 year old Boston terrier male that has been fixed, call or text 254-433-0157