L/F twin or twin XL bed frame, preferably wooden. 631-1324

*L/f junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

220 a/c and heater window unit, $150. 334-3229

AVON jewelry, from the 50’s. Antique coca cola boxes. 735-7031

2005 Kia Rio. $2K. 488-1355

*Camper shell for Ford Ranger. 1980 wench truck. Flatbed for flat bed dually. 433-1937

50-60 lbs. of rabbit feed for giveaway. About 6 three and four month old pullets, $7/each. 334-8473

*1 bedroom house for rent in Cisco, first month’s rent is half price move in special, rents $475/month. 488-2768

1 acre of land for sale in Eastland between Basset and Halbryan streets off of Garvin. 2007 Toyota Camry, $5K. 2012 SRX Cadillac, $17K. 631-5999

L/F car or tire rim for Ford Ranger, 15 inch, 96 model. 442-1130