*Whirlpool electric dryer, $50. 488-1819

95 Nissan pickup, extra cab, 5 speed tranny, motor is blown, lots of useable parts on the vehicle, $250 for tranny, will part the rest out. 325-762-0138

L/F window a/c units. 631-1191, leave a message if no answer.

2005 Chrysler Sebring, 121,025 miles, 2.7 liter, V6 automatic, $1800, has new tires, a/c blows cold, dirty and does need to be cleaned. 433-1870

L/F junk iron to haul off. Call or text 325-794-6245

Charro saddle. 832-857-9119

L/F scrap metal to haul off and yards to mow. Driver side door from 2001 PT Cruiser. 433-0157

L/F mesquite firewood, need about 10 cords. 631-1785

L/F someone that works on clothes dryers. 631-0531

Van, $1800 obo, runs like a top, everything works. 334-0634

*Brand new women’s ARiat jeans, with tags still on them, $25/pair or 5 pairs for $100. 214-499-7906

93 K1500 extended cab long bed. 93 C1500 extended cab short bed with extra SBC, both come with titles. 512-673-0598

*2001 Chevy Impala for sale for parts. 631-9375