Complete 5th wheel unit, $100. Electric dryer, works good, great deal, $25. 50 inch Mitsubishi tv, really good deal. Coke machine that gets really cold, $50. 433-1430

Kenmore side by side fridge, ice maker, ice dispenser and water dispenser on the door, $250. 488-2590

L/F lawns to mow. L/F any kind of junk metal. Nothing too big he can’t get. 433-0752

1946 Ford tractor model 9 N, gasoline engine, 4 cylinder, great tires on it. $900. 488-1884

L/F used washing machine that works good. 631-9377

 Car dolley, like you hook behind your vehicle and tow on 2 wheels, needs a wheel bearing, $150. 631-9279

L/F any unwanted lawn mowers or scrap metal. L/F travel trailer in good shape that can be paid out. L/F Chevy ¾ or 1 ton pickup with a standard shift transmission, may consider a trade. Call or text. 631-9453

24 two day old baby chicks, dominacks. L/F roosters, the bigger the better. 433-1733

TV for sale. VHS movies $1/piece. 433-9929, leave a message or text.

L/F small car or minivan. L/f push mower or riding mower. 488-1467

Bunk bed. Fishing stuff, assorted tools. Set of wheels with tires, tires probably not too good. 595-0102 or come by 333 Armstrong St in Ranger.

Cases of adult pull ups, x large, $25/case. 817-694-2576

90 model half ton short narrow bed pickup. 653-2170

Farm equipment…….lots of different kinds. 433-1730

Lots of little plants if anyone needs some starter plants, flowers, moon plants, pink four o clocks, dill, Mexican merigolds, petunias, just have to come dig them up after 5. 488-2170

**411 W McCall Street in Gorman

 **Yard sale Saturday and Sunday beginning at 7am til whenever, 111 Lula in Ranger, little bit of everything to go thru.

**4 family garage sale, 229 CR 597, get on 2214 turn at Staff cemetery, turn right at the cemetery, beginning at 7:30, Friday and Saturday, so much stuff we can’t even list it.

**Garage Sale 2225 E Loop 254 in Ranger, Thursday Friday and Saturday from 8-3, no early birds.

**7 family sale in ranger, on the Breckenridge highway, watch for signs starting at the pool, begins at daylight, Friday and Saturday.