10 by 12 metal storage building for giveaway, have to haul it away today and mow his grass for payment. The building is in Gorman. 734-5799

 Xbox 360 games for sale $10/each. 629-8694

L/F fertile goose, duck or guinea eggs or all 3. L/F big roosters. 433-1733

 1991 F 150 King cab, half ton pickup, new clutch, new muffler, 5.0 engine, good motor, no broken windows, $1500 obo. 488-1700

Kirby generation 4 vaccum cleaner, self propelled, in very good condition. 647-5296

Large 240 heat and ac unit. Large gas heater. L/F 16 foot trailer. L/F motor or old Toyota car for sale. 334-0271

97 Saturn parting out, lots of good parts. 488-1819

L/F young laying hens. 631-9875 or 631-6648

9 red allen roosters, starting to crow, still young, $5/piece. 442-2363

4 bedroom house available the 1st of the month, 1506 S Seaman, for rent. 488-0883

16 foot flatbed trailer, needs floor, $400. 94 GMC suburban, needs front end assembly grill and radiator, very clean. 50 gallon electric hot water heater. 488-0082

L/F chain link dog pen for a medium to large size dog, affordably priced. Text 631-9329

4 camper tops for sale. 210-1729

Pac n play, stroller, $15/each. 661-5855

L/F sturdy bunk bed and pea hen. 629-8447

L/F computer. 325-200-5007

Wolf dog for giveaway. 592-3200

HP printer new with ink on it, $10. 16” hubcap for dodge dooly, burgundy chair $5, playpen $5, earrings $3-$5, keychains 50 cents, bracelets $5, 3.5 inch vise $20, old lamp needs new cord $5, L/F wheels for a green wagon, CB radio $50, 6 boxes of code free test strips $8, wreath $5. 433-1149

 **Garage sale, Saturday @ 8am, 1109 S Halbryan in Eastland.

 Garage sale Saturday, mostly household goods from an estate. 814 W Patterson, 8am.

 Garage sale 505 E. 10th in Cisco. Shirts and jeans for 25 cents, prom dresses, shoes, and misc. items. Today only