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Riding mower, weedeater, power watch, ac, tonka truck 254-433-6604 

***Round bell hay feeder for sale 5 grading seeder $35 254-271-9971 

***Dryer 60 dollars 254-488-2343 at 313 N Virginia 

Yard sale 301 Oak in Ranger behind the Shopping Basket 254-978-2237 

Entertainment center for sale 300 dollars 254-725-6557

Yard sale Friday and sat 1405 south Seaman 8:30AM



eggs for sale 2 dollars also looking for ranch hand work 254-647-0508 

***3 old travel trailer someone can take them off his place 254-433-9910 

***Garage sale 200 176 Friday at 8 and Saturday at 8 

A pair of work boots waterproof 50 dollars looking for a storage unite,



***98 Toyota Camry 254-629-8145 

***A title triller 5 by 7 foot 254-629-8526 

Looking for a 32-inch screen door and a riding mower for sale he has a chime clock, power watcher, sidewalk edger 254-433-6604 

***Arrogation system Side roll 23 joints, new engine 254-734-5273 

***A rottweiler pup 325-276-0345 



***A dog min, pin, chiaw mix 254-631-9348 

3 red hens, eggs for sale and some white legged pollutes 254-271-9971 

Honda 3 whaler, bass boat 2 setter 254-629-8259 




A black lab that has gone missing is now in Morton valley if it is yours call john at 254-629-8259 

***Shooting 22 sports team this Saturday for everyone in Dublin, cash prices available RC 254-434-3734 

***A Wedding dress & 2 flip phones for sale 254-893-2679



Looking for eggs to buy & also has free firewood 254-433-6963 

***A Tukey fryer for sale $60 a Blackstone grill $200 a pellet smoker a bunch of gas cans 254-334-0360



3 American racing wheels, delta 10 in table saw 175 for it and a 10-inch radio arm saw 214-499-7906 

Riding lawn mower, chime clock, sidewalk eager, and a power watcher 254=433=6604 

Garage sale 200 CR 176 Saturday 

A 98 Dodge ram 1500 pickup 254-210-2543 

Looking for scrap



*** Red hens 175 for all of them he also has ten white pullets 254-271-9971 

*** someone has a four-year-old gray Gidden a 3-horse triller asking 1200 also has 2015 Harley division has low miles and is very nice 254-595-6457 

*** Side by side fridge 254-210-2543 

*** Looking



Family garage sale Thursday Friday and Saturday 10001 front street in cisco 

2000 expectation for sale, and tires and wheels for a cherokee he is also looking for Chan link wire 254-631-1785 

***2 35 R 15 tires 3 American racing tires 214-499-7906 

Looking for junk metal to haul


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