Two female Chihuahua’s for sale. 325-203-0539

L/F someone to work, Today. 631-1785

L/F washer and dryer, would like a set if at all possible. 488-1413

Lot of golf balls, about 800, asking $200 obo. Couple of chevy pickup doors, will fit any early 90’s model chevy trucks, $50. 488-1884

 Scrub tops, about 25 of them, size small, very nice and in good condition, asking $2/piece, some pants also but mostly tops. 361-806-3767

L/F good, used riding lawnmower at a reasonable price. Kirby generation series vacuum cleaners for sale, self propelled, attachments included, guaranteed. Portable sewing machines for sale. 647-5296

 *2 bed, 1 bath, fixer upper house in cisco, large living room, kitchen and large utility room, sits on 2 lots. 817-925-4656

Big fridge for sale, looks new and works real good, has an icemaker, top and bottom door, $195. New and used lumber, doors and windows. 629-8244

91 King cab F150, runs real strong, good work truck or secondhand truck, ready for the road. 488-1700 or 488-1702

Fertilized coastal hay, 4×5 bales, $60/piece. Stock trailer, half top, bumper pool, $800. Polaris 300 4 wheeler, runs real good, $600. 433-1645

L/F an aquarium, doesn’t have to have stand, bigger than 10 gallon, for a turtle, screen top would be great. Leave a message at 631-1191

 Set of 22 inch tires and wheels for sale. 325-721-3711

Coastal hay, heavily fertilized. Texas grown alfalfa. Also, coastal square bales. 442-3255

L/F hide a bed couch, not small but no real big. 90 model chevy truck, 350, ¾ ton, needs a transmission, tagged and stickered, $500. 210-1797

L/F fiberglass evaporative cooler, doesn’t need to have a motor or pump. 210-1792