Riding lawnmower in good shape-not too many hours on it. Weenie dog about a year old for giveaway. L/F someone to help around the house and will pay. 306 W 11th in Cisco.

Fresh farm eggs, $2/dozen. 3 miles east of Rising Star on 36. 396-4067

99 Dodge ¾ ton 24 valve cummins diesel. New remanufactured 5 speed transmission, new starter, new alternator, new tires, $7500. Runs great, color fading a little bit on the paint job, everything works, clean. Call or text for pics. 210-1797

3 foot Sioux warriors hand carved peace pipe, over 80 years old, $300. Flip phone by tracphone with the charger, $10. Pair of crutches $20. 3 grates for a medium size deer borne heater. 488-8007

*New box fans $10 each. Call or text. 488-2592

L/F cheap cockatiel. 433-1104