Kirby Generation 4 vacuum with all of the attachments, does work, needs new bag and belt, it does have those but will need new ones. Call 442-1025

TV for sale, $10. 433-9929

Small aluminum boat, no motor, no title, but has two oars. Electric dryer in good condition. Complete 5th wheel setup. Big 4 wheeler, gun rack on the front and rack on the back, electrical short in it. 433-1430

 King size bed rails or twin size. 433-1075

L/F nice looking, hard working diesel extended or quad cab ¾ ton or 1 ton, 2002 or newer. Have $4k cash, or $4k for a truck and horse trailer combo. Willing to barter business marketing and advertising design, videography if more money is needed. Want for a second vehicle to pull mini horses. 817-821-5522

L/F Lincoln SA200 welders. L/F blacksmith Anvill to build knives. 817-901-5155

L/F yards to mow, also haul junk metal. 433-0752

L/F minivan, used, running or not. 325-725-0175

4 wheel scooter for disabled person, real nice. 893-2672

*Concrete tye wires, stuff for building retaining walls, trusses. 433-1937

Mahogany sofa table, very nice, $200. Corner maple shelf unit, $20. Old dining chair with arms, $25. 488-0142

Coastal hay, big round bales, heavily fertilized and irrigated. 706 international tractor with gasoline with a wd loader on the front of it. 442-3255, leave a message if no answer.

Dorm size fridge, white, has all the shelves, works great, $75. 488-0571

Buying sheep and goats. 631-6087

L/F any unwanted lawnmowers or scrap metal. Call or text 631-9453

L/F 1997 chevy parts. 629-8259, leave a message.

Igloo dog box, $15 obo. 488-1467

L/F china hutch, buffet, all together or not doesn’t matter. 488-1438