*4000 watt generator. Paddleboat. Chest of drawers. L/F covered stock trailer, bumper pool, 14-16 foot. L/F 7500 watt or higher generator. 631-8805

L/F 110 window unit, need it desperately. L/F wood burning stove. 442-1719

*John Deere tractor, older model. 350 foot oilfield quality poly pipe, plastic. 653-2405

Maytag washer and dryer, both working, for giveaway. 488-0977 or 629-8551

L/F older little pickup, either a 5 cylinder ranchero or ford courier or a chevrolet. 629-1212

Small 15 watt box amplifier, just the box, free, cabinet is really nice, no tears. 325-201-8820

L/F goat. 631-1785

2 bedroom house for sale, sits on big lot, lots of big pecan trees, very well insulated, $60K. Hot tub, $100. 361-806-3767

6 gallons of tomatoes. 647-1020