L/F any kind of camping equipment. 334-8161

*Baby chicks hatching, over 90 now, $2.50/piece today. 334-8473

L/F used dryer. 488-1880

*2007 Buick Lucerne, 68K miles, nice car. 631-5999

Saltwater aquarium live rock, cured and ready to place in an aquarium. 325-642-4095

L/F someone to do some seamstress work. 433-2005

L/F someone in need of firewood to cut down some trees for the firewood, need to get these trees down, located in Cisco. 325-205-3822

Grill guard for 2003 Ford F350, $100. 817-773-7737

*L/F diesel mechanic in Eastland county area, have an electrical problem on a diesel truck. 334-8161