L/F someone to work on a riding mower. 325-733-8762

L/F scrap metal to haul off. L/F junk cars and truck. 433-0157

2010 Dodge RAM headlights. 488-1880

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

Les Paul guitar, has same weight as Gibson les paul, Trinity River made by m&m merchandisers. Little Lion amplifier, runs on a battery, made by Washburn, $10. 325-236-3699

*Deep freeze, chest freezer. 433-9371

L/F scissor lift. Ford tractor for sale. 817-925-4656

4 foot 4 bulbs  of fluorescent lights, several of those. Nice, 3 globe chandelier. Paper shredder. Western books and some Christian CD’s. Small table like for a lamp. 433-1075

L/F bean bag stuffings. 631-8657

A/C units, run on 110. Built in dishwashers, 2 of them. Outdoor play equipment. 488-0299

5 bicycles, come pick them up. 433-3875

Old two row planting plow. Old chicken wire, comes in pieces. Propane tank, might be 75 gallon, does need the gauge. SAS women’s shoes, size 9, black in color, brand new. Avon watches, $5/piece. Cast iron bed stead. 631-8805

Baby chicks, $2.50/piece. Kittens for giveaway. L/F chest deep freeze. 334-8473

Jet ski. 595-1926

L/F gourds. 210-1408

L/F plumber and an electrician. 631-6168

Side by side, not operational, good for parts. Mid size 4 wheeler, BRUT 90, not operational. 433-1430

**Garage Sale, 100 West Plummer in Eastland, Friday and Saturday, 8-12 both days, lots of toys, baby girl clothing, shoes, kitchen items, bikes, household items, washer and dryer, chase lounge, etc.

**Garage sale, 202 Blundell in Ranger, Friday and Saturday, 8-2 both days, across from the entrance of King Manor Apartments, furniture for bedroom kitchen and living room, small appliances, housewares, home décor, clothing, 817-781-4301