HP Chromebook, factory reset, perfect for students and folks who need simple access to internet, uses very stable Chrome OS, includes a gorilla glass HD-backlit touchscreen monitor, 11.6 inches, 4GB RAM, 16G storage. 817-691-2534

*L/f someone to shred 4 acres just out of town on Hwy 570. Call 631-2726

*Small, very cute 1 bedroom house, for sale in nice area by Cisco High School, recently updated, want to sell for cash or with money down can hold a note. 442-2732

Brass king size bed frame with decorative white knobs, $40. Brand new motor guide trolling motor, clamps on boat, $50. 433-2299

L/F pot barrels, about inch and a half thick, about 15 or 20 of them. 629-8259

L/F king size bed frame. 488-1759

**Big Garage Sale 1610 Hwy 183 in Breck, starts at 8am Friday morning.

**Book of Acts Church of Brownwood benefit garage sale, Saturday 8AM.