Kirby vacuum with the bags. L/F junk iron. 325-794-6245

L/F roofing paper. L/F 2×6’s at least 7 foot long, doesn’t matter if they have nails. 580-668-0068

Black lab Dog, 4-1/2 years old, for giveaway, up on shots, good with kids, only getting rid of him because he keeps getting out of yard. 631-9583

Number one top soil and number one fill dirt, selling this weekend. Dove shoot, $75/gun at same location. 631-4708

Power chair, hover round. Miniature weenie dog puppies. 306 W. 11th in Cisco.

Fresh coastal hay, $45/bale. 433-0358

2001 Ford pickup, good motor and tranny, body is wrecked, V6, automatic. Pool table. 433-3164

*L/F icebox and gas stove. 479-8529

Dorm fridge. 325-721-3711

L/F propane hot water heater. 979-0216

**No sell Sale, Leon River Cowboy Church, Saturday, 8-1.