The Bargain Box

Monday-Friday: 9:00-10:00 am

Blakeney Bio Pic cropped

Blakeney Hodges

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Michael Cockburn


Blakeney Hodges and Michael “Crash” Cockburn co-host this long-running favorite.

The Bargain Box has been a venue to buy, sell, or trade items for local listeners for over seven decades.  Continuously on the air since 1953, the Bargain Box is still the number one show of its kind in all of the listening area.

Call: 254.629.2621   Text: 254.433.9759

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Your items will run through the end of the week and will be posted to the “Archives” after the program.

NOTE:  The FCC prohibits the listing of mattresses, fire-arms, event tickets, pit-bulls, and alcohol & tobacco products.