Patriotic Exhibit 1/28-3/14

January 28 – March 14, 2015

Eastland County Museum
114 S. Seaman Street, Eastland
(254) 631-0437

Sponsored by: Eastland Chamber of Commerce / City of Eastland

“OUR LIVES, OUR STORIES: America’s Greatest Generation” explores the life arc of a single generation – the stories of their lives, told in their words – from birth to old age.  Born in the 1910’s and 1920’s, this generation of people was decisively shaped by its experiences during the Depression and World War II.  This group of people went on to make the “baby boom” and shape the economic surge of the postwar era, and to become some of the twentieth century’s most influential figures.  Today – well into the 21st century – we are all living with their legacy.  This exhibition from the Minnesota Historical Society draws on the stories and memories gathered together to help us begin to understand not only who they were, but who we are.

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