*25 Foot scamper camper, everything included. 2 burner camping stove. Camping potty. Air mattress with pump. Set of 8 dishes, complete set, everspring pattern, $50. 7 quart pressure canner and cooker, $50-firm. 631-8805 or 631-8800

*1984 Skeeter starfire boat with 150 evinrude. 629-3255

*L/F good home or no kill shelter for 6 puppies. 334-2772

L/F screen door, wooden or aluminum, 31×80. 631-0049

RCA portable DVD player with home and car charger, $25. 2 bags of DVD’s $2/each. 334-2772

*Utility trailer, metal, 5×11. 647-5399

*Hay dite blocks, several hundreds, some are broke in half-those are free, ones in good condition $1/piece. 610 Walnut in Ranger. 631-1641

*Dog missing in Olden area, white with black patches and lots of speckles, answers to the name of Dink, catahoula/blue heeler cross, female. 325-518-3612

25 white leggern baby chicks for sale for cheap, $2/piece. 210-1408

L/F someone to come clean and straighten up, $150, should take a few hours. 2 full blood weenie dogs for giveaway, little over a year old. Washpot. Butter churner. 306 W 11th in Cisco.

*House on lake leon, 2 bed, 2.5 bath on a 3 acre track. Horse trailer for sale. 488-0299

Pool table for sale, average, but full size, not perfect but quite useable, top is good. $200. Black across bed full size toolbox, $75. Toolbox for S-10 series smaller truck, $50. Jet ski launch, $1K. 631-9766