502 Terrell Street, bonfire wood available.

Flip phone by tracphone with charger for $15. 10,000 btu air conditioner, blows good and cold air, $40. 488-8007

*2-250 gallon propane tanks for sale, reasonably priced. 631-8800

505 E 10th, huge sale. 334-9467

2 Shower chairs, one is XL. Set of nerf bars for a 2004 chevy, extended cab. Brinkman smoking grill. Cast iron sink. Aluminum scooter ramp. 2 used 14 inch tires. 2 white pedestals for a front loading washer and dryer. 488-2590

*Great pyranese cross puppies, will be great working dogs, big dogs, parents are working dogs too. 631-8576

L/F old wheelbarrow, doesn’t have to be perfect, can even have holes in it or no wheels. 488-9032

Twin bed for sale. Sleeping bags. 442-4497

Gibson Les Paul, wine red, with the hard case, $1000 obo. Fender starcaster, $75. 631-6472

*86 model deck boat, 19 foot, V6 chevy engine, interior good $3800. 500 horse power push mower, $65. 734-5660

**Garage sale at 1201 Young Street in Ranger, Friday and Saturday. BIG first time garage sale, lots of stuff to go thru!