***98 Toyota Camry 254-629-8145 

***A title triller 5 by 7 foot 254-629-8526 

Looking for a 32-inch screen door and a riding mower for sale he has a chime clock, power watcher, sidewalk edger 254-433-6604 

***Arrogation system Side roll 23 joints, new engine 254-734-5273 

***A rottweiler pup 325-276-0345 

2 blocks by the football field in ranger and he lost a sheep 254-629-8259 he also has a big 3-wheeler for sale 

Looking for Scrap metal, junk cars and trucks to haul off, looking for those 55 gallon plastic drums no tops has a gmc envoy tagged, runs good, ac works 254-433-0157