*L/F electric fence supplies. L/F someone to cut mesquite wood on approximately 200 acres, to be cut in shares. 595-5492

Husquevarna 55 model series chainsaw, comm-ercial grade, with the case and with all the accessories, still in good condition. 647-0508

8 window weights, $5/piece. Lawnmower, $10. 488-1819

*Nice shelled pecans, quart bag, $10/bag. 271-9762

*93 Cadillac. Chairs, come in 2’s, they fold, came out of FBC in Cisco. Old wood, old shiplap boards. 210-1408

L/F male rabbit, a buck, 3 years or younger, Californian or New Zealand. Call Henry 631-8284

L/f used metal galvanized troughs, can be rusted out, at least 2 feet tall. 433-0864

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

L/F junk metal, junk cars or trucks to haul away. 88 Chevy or GMC pickup parts. 433-0157

*SAS women’s shoes, size 9, never been worn, still in the boxes. Avon watches. L/F baby goat creep feeder. 631-8805

*Boots. Chainsaw. Shop vac. Skill saw. Extension cord. 325-864-2056

2007 Cadillac 4 door, $4K, great car. 98 Lincoln Towncar, motor needs work but does run, $500. Dearborn gas heater. L/F pool ladder in good condition. All items located in Eastland. 325-733-8762

L/F 10 inch table saw. 214-499-7906

*L/F gas cookstove. Has an electric one to trade or will sell. 361-806-3767

*L/F Styrofoam wig form. 432-528-8857

*2 sets of 40 inch snow shoes, one is a sewitt webb, one is a leather webb, great decorations and they work just fine. Bob, located in Cisco, 262-366-2233