L/F junk iron to haul off. Call or text 325-794-6245

*Set of tires off 2014 Dodge. Foam filled tires, will fit a ford pickup. Tires and aluminun wheels off 2016 Dooley Chevrolet. Set of aluminum wheels off 17 1 ton dooley. Grill for 2009 Chevy Colorado. 629-8259

Refrigerator, large capacity, side by side, black with ice and water in the door, only a couple of years old, very nice, clean, $525 cash. In Springtown. 817-523-4438

*Chickens for sale, pair of black jersey giants-male and female, hen is laying, still pretty young. Four 5 month old black and red pullets. Pair of Japanese silky bantys. Buff coachem banoms. 271-9762

L/F someone to clean floors on a weekly basis, at Lake Leon. 629-2334

*Brand new Polo boots. Polaris chainsaw. Drills. Skill saws. Mechanic lights. Vacuum cleaners. 325-864-2056

L/F scrap metal to haul off. 88 Chevy or GMC pickup parts. 433-0157

*L/F 2004-2005 Yukon, l/f the body. 488-1819

Pro form elliptical, 2 years old and used very little. 2002 29 foot travel trailer, clean and ready to go, pics available. 631-2665