*2000 Buick Lesabre, $1200 firm. 442-2534

*Women’s club in eastland has 8 foot light fixtures, $10/piece. 631-5936, leave a message if there’s no answer and she will call you back.

*Jay Way will be closed all week.

New cell phone, works on AT&T or Cricket, needs a SIM card, $30. 9 books of Charlie Brown, 2 stories per book. Electric typewriter, $20. 246-5384

*10 square bales of good, horse quality coastal hay. 94 Ford Mustang. 2005 GMC Canyon pickup, 4 door, off road. 653-2405

5 black pullets and 1 rhode island red pullet, getting 4-6 eggs per day. $15/piece, might negotiate. Americana pullets, don’t need a light on them anymore. Easter bunnies. 433-1733

Lumber for giveaway. Pecan tree blew over, come cut it up and haul away. Doghouses. 629-8230. At 307 Lackland in Eastland.

Free washer and dryer, heat sensor on dryer has an error. 631-2665

*L/F used plywood and goat panels. 629-8259

L/F junk iron to haul off. 325-794-6245

$40/piece push mowers. 433-1104

About 160 feet by 7.5 feet reclaimed baseball field turf, .60 cents per lineal foot. 488-0299

*3 bedroom house for rent in Eastland, 1206 West Commerce. One car garage, large fenced in yard, washer and dryer connections, $525/month, does need some clean up work. 817-994-3203

*L/F some good Samaritans to come to bat for an associate at Walmart, needs a washer, dryer, fridge and a window unit, have people to pick up items. 631-5622

L/F mesquite grubber with a 3 point hookup, needs to be strong enough to work with a 90 horse tractor. 643-4076, leave a message if there’s no answer.

**Moving sale, 200 North Homer street in Ranger. China hutch, $100. Amish heater is gas or propane, $100. Lots of other items as well, Monday thru Wednesday. 210-1942