Track lighting, $20. Job box, greenly, $100. 488-1819

2 bedroom house in Olden for rent. 653-2170

Leftover yard sale stuff, really good flea market material, will sell all at wholesale. 433-1430

Couple of acres of pretty good grass that you can turn your horse out on, just on south side of I-20 in Olden. 653-2405

Someone needing home health, light cleaning, cash pay daily. 334-0472

California rabbits. Game roosters. 22 ton log splitter. Older log splitter with no motor. Call or text 433-9636

Extra guitar amp, line 6. 334-0634

L/F fresh peaches. 629-2125

Kids 4 wheeler, needs a little work, but priced reasonably. Pocket knives. 433-1739

Hay buggy, electric, hooks up to wires on your pickup, $250. 559-4792

L/F good push mower. 488-2590

Small car, $3K. Nokia cell phone in the box, $50. 893-2679

**233 cr 541 @ lake leon, Saturday and Sunday, furniture, tv center, toys, baby clothes, adult clothes, lots of stuff

**209 Breckenridge road or hwy 101 in Ranger, Friday and Saturday @8. Lots of treasures

**903 West 7th in Cisco, Saturday only, clothes, furniture, lots and lots of stuff

**Emanuel Iglesia Bautista in Olden, Friday at 10am and Saturday at 8am, tons of stuff inside and outside.